hi Bruce, thanks for the education. I have a question. When you said, " But the money from the sale of that oil and natural gas was poured into the military to such an extent that a new army and navy was created which, though only slightly tested, has never known defeat. " I immediately thought of Afghanistan. Wasn't that a defeat of the Russians? Am I missing something? Might not matter with Putin being who he is, but didn't little old Afghanistan kick the Russians out? Take care.

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Hello Ann, thank you for the comment. Well, yes, Afghanistan beat Russia after 10 years of occupation and brutal warfare. The Russians left in 1989, 33 years ago. The army that faces the Ukrainians is not the same army. It is better trained, better equipped, better led; all thanks to a huge expenditure of cash made possible by the sale of oil and natural gas to Europe. Putin is not a politician, he's a thug, so he has not regard for public opinion. That's why we are probably going to see fireworks very soon.

Sherry showed me the pictures of 4848 in snow - glad we missed it!

Hope to see you and Joe when the songbirds sing!

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